Do you want to adopt a ferret?


Are you a lively and intelligent person who can rehome these lively and intelligent animals? 


Lots of ferrets need kind and loving homes.  Many of them, through no fault of their own, find themselves in rescue centres around the country. Perhaps their owners' circumstances have changed and they can no longer look after their ferrets or perhaps they've pulled a 'Houdini' and escaped.  Ferrets are great escape artists and can make Harry Houdini look like an amateur!  This is one of the main reasons ferrets arrive in rescue centres, especially if they are 'entire', ie unneutered.

Most times ferrets can be rehomed with other ferrets, so it's usually possible to adopt multiple ferrets and/or expand your current business.  However, some ferrets prefer to live on their own so don't worry if you only want to adopt a single ferret, they will be very happy as long as you spend lots of time playing with them and keep them in an enriching enviroment.


Kits, however, cannot live on their own as this can cause unacceptable stress, trauma and lonliness.  Kits must be rehomed with siblings or join an existing, and welcoming, business.


Whatever your needs, it is usually possible to find a suitable match.


Unfortunately, Hull and East Riding Ferret Rescue is now closed...but please don't panic as the local RSPCA branch (at Clough Road) has recently extended its license to include ferrets and is now providing a Ferret rescue and rehoming service of its own.

Last Modified: 30 April 2016 20:02:12